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Industrial Metal Fabrication

Having ironworkers of our own, we deliver experience on both sides of the project, giving us a unique advantage in providing you with better service – lower installation costs, timeline efficiency and consistent quality management. We offer your company the benefits of complete Project Management, while basically sub-contracting ourselves…it’s putting our stamp of quality on every aspect of your project!

Always to customer specifications, we provide Complete Layout, Manufacture and Assembly for your Industrial Metal Fabrication projects as well as controlled conditions and material protection for delicate requirements. We further understand quick turnaround situations, having purchased over 1.5 Million pounds of Stainless Steel last year while maintaining a demanding above-industry average on our rate of delivery. Here are just a few projects we’ve managed with success and turnkey savings:

  • Fan Housings up to 40,000 lbs.
  • Piping and Heavy Gauge Ducting
  • Filter and Coil Housings
  • Grain Chutes and Spouting
  • Hoppers and Bins
  • Stainless and Carbon Air Handling Equipment
  • Pump and Gearbox Bases
  • Rotary Dryers


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