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Specialty Fabrication

There’s a strong-held philosophy within the companies of The Kelly Group that allows us to take on both high production and custom, specialty projects: exceed customer expectations, no matter what. Whether it's one piece, or thousands, our level of efficiency and attention to detail remains the same throughout.

In addition to serving our active customer base, delivering this has built a unique customer set for our Specialty Fabrication operations, introducing new projects, new clients, requiring original thought and design applications to provide the best solution…and that is what we continue to do.

Check out the creative-solutions side of
The Kelly Group’s Fabrication skill set:

  • Oil well fracturing assemblies
  • Home brewing fermenters
  • Tailgating & Team Mascot/Company logo - emblazoned grills and metal accessories
  • Special Strainers and Filters
  • Fabricated aluminum soapbox car
  • Custom stairway with glass steps
  • Giant 10’ mp3 Player design “iBuild” for local children’s parade
  • Multiple 3-dimensional dinosaurs


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